BABYMAFEW 'Pathological Liar' cassette

BABYMAFEW 'Pathological Liar' cassette

Strange Tapes – ST​-​006

“Pathological Liar” is the intemperately glazed—yet remarkably clairvoyant—four-song debut from San Diego multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Babymafew, aka Matt Ibarra. After a notorious nine-year sojourn in Chicago, spewing lyrical bile for noise rockers Rectal Hygienics, Ibarra returned to California in 2017 and began translating half-remembered nights of Midwest nihilism into hook-laden contemporary R&B.

Behind this innocuous new moniker, Babymafew copulates reverb-sodden crooning and melodically lush synth arrangements with profligate lyrics that explore the limits of strained romance and debauched reminiscence. “Pathological Liar” is a deceptively equable listen, a musically euphoric rush that’s ironically inspired by the comedown.

released January 27, 2018

Artwork by Chloe Perkis
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Ibarra at Strange Tapes Recording, Chicago, IL