DOLORE ‘L’orrendo spettacolo della morte’ cassette

DOLORE ‘L’orrendo spettacolo della morte’ cassette

At War With False Noise ‎– ATWAR198

‘New one-man project from Italy here, which is apt as the Italians are the undisputed masters of true macabre art! Italy's long been my personal fulcrum for horror cinema, scores and music and Dolore does an excellent job of paying homage to the masters!

Dolore's music is mostly instrumental (there are incidental vocal lines for effect) and is very much in the early 80's synth vein which is de rigueur at the moment. Not really riding the wave of more mainstream synth-wave kinda stuff or retro-cool-Drive-soundtrack guff, this is a more gritty and less polished take, but the tunes are still ultra-memorable. Fans of the Repeated Viewing tape I put out will absolutely love this!

Giorgio comes from a metal background - serving time in Undead Creep, Haemophagus etc - but he definitely gets the score (pun intended) with what this kinda gear is all about

100 copies, pro sleeve and tape.‘ - AM, At War With False Noise