DRELNOCH / MOSS WITCH split cassette

DRELNOCH / MOSS WITCH split cassette

Moonworshipper Records – MWR - 144

"Drelnoch is a one-man band project by Lord Bill (Billy Liebermann), who is also responsible for projects: Arcanist, Northern Myth, Thallid, Vulthoom, Blood Tower, Pisswalker, Satanic Abortion and several others. - Also, he's the owner of Moonworshipper Records.

Moss Witch is a solo project by... Moss Witch.

Track 1 'Jaques' by Drelnoch is dedicated to Omaha (Nebraska, US) based musician Jake Dunwoody (1988-2020), who - together with Lord Bill - was involved in projects: Effluvium, Left Handed Country, Satanic Abortion, a.o." - FiveDigitCreature


"Two spectres from the US underground make a new joint offering.

While both projects reside on the lo-fi spectrum of black metal, Drelnoch adopts a more standard path with some dungeon synth fills while Moss Witch uses those same DS fills but also likes to mix the synth into the black metal sections, making it more atmospheric and delicate. However, neither of them fail to deliver the powerful blackened pill the doctor prescribed you.
Also important to mention, the acoustic ending on Drelnoch side, a marvellous closing song." - Mão da Glória