EXTORTION 'Degenerate' LP

EXTORTION 'Degenerate' LP

15.1.1919 Records – 001

Debut full-length album from these Ozzie hardcore/powerviolence stalwarts.

"Perth's Extortion offer up 19 tracks of thrashy hardcore punk with a severe powerviolence influence, comparable to Infest, Crossed Out, Negative FX or Siege. Amazing." - Resist Records

‘Degenerate’ LP - in Translucent Pink / Yellow

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bergerk Studios in 2006

Originally released by Deep Six Records, this is a brand new reissue self-released by the band

300 records have been pressed, 150 of each colour

**Distributor note: (Copy available here could be either color, just a heads up! We don't like to open sealed items if possible.)