FINAL SOLUTION 'Demo' cassette

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FINAL SOLUTION 'Demo' cassette

Additional Lie ‎– AL01

Initial demonstration offerings from San Bernadino, CA-based hardcore unit.

The shades of uglier and more extreme US hardcore ala Infest, Crossed Out, and No Comment contained on this tape suggest a more primitive angle/take on the scene known as powerviolence, but without all the overdriven metal-tinged production snap of modern bands (also a problem of modern grindcore stylings).

In fact the band is very suited to writing angular-type riffing and feature some interesting progressions and subtle, unique chord usage. The near-blatant nod to the band's namesake heard in "Song No 2" will keep you coming back as does the United Mutation song they're named after. Fans of the fast-but-unique, darker side of adolescent 80s American HC ala Void, Septic Death, Necros, YDI, early D.R.I., and even the first Suicidal Tendencies record should take note.

Two editions featured here, the very last copies of both the first pressing (red cover) and the repress (white).

Imported direct from our friends at Additional Lie (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).