FUTURE SHOCK 'Foreseen Judgement' cassette (demo)

FUTURE SHOCK 'Foreseen Judgement' cassette (demo)

Taco City Slammers - TCS-011
No Mames Rockers* - NMR-000

Released digitally in October of 2021, Future Shock provided a jolt, pun intended, to scene that needed it coming out of the panini. Hawdcore with a metal tio twist. Solos, Locs and high ass socks foo. What else you need? Oh ya a cold Modelo too.

For the real rocker foos and metal tios.

This is a split release with Taco City Slammers out of 100 tapes.
Tape comes with a 4 panel j-card printed on a nice card stock. There is an extra cover song that isn't on their bandcamp. Only on the tape.