HASUFEL 'Shroud' cassette

HASUFEL 'Shroud' cassette

El Tule ‎– 004

“Shroud” is the latest missive by the ominous dungeon-industrial project Hasufel, and serves as an effective encapsulation of the bleakness and desolation they’ve cultivated over their prodigious discography.

A disorienting, throbbing synthesizer pulse backs primary songwriter Helmut’s delay-soaked incantations; textural sampled elements imbue these three meditations with a startlingly atmospheric structure.

Hasufel marries the cryptic, occult rawness of the blacker side of dungeon synth with fear-inducing dark ambience and a Galakthorrö-like minimal industrial rhythmic sense.

The effect is chilling, as these sounds are harnessed in nightmarish expressions of pain, loss, and helplessness. Hasufel’s Shroud is a plunge into darkness that is well-worth the delve.

Written and recorded in the throes of manic darkness. 2018, 2020.

Limited edition cassette tape version of "Shroud." Home dubbed by Derek Rush (Chthonic Streams) with hand drawn logos on every cassette shell. Cover art and layout by Alex Gonzalez. Limited to 50 copies in total with 35 available for mail order.