HETEROFOBIA 'Queremos ver el Mundo Arder' cassette

HETEROFOBIA 'Queremos ver el Mundo Arder' cassette

Comidillo Tapes – CMDO#10

Nauseous, militant and murky, Heterofobia know exactly how to convey the weight on heavy shoulders, cornered by bitterness and excitable disgust.
This album well communicates the bodily reaction of nihilist unrest, its thumping drums hold together guitars that very much feel like seasickness. Dani's vocals can't clarify enough how much you need to stay the hell away, ironically spreading through 10 tracks of pure lyrical vomit.
Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder is the physical/aural representation of your sweaty horny self at the dingiest of gay bars lowest hour.

Exclusive tape version of this new classic with alternative artwork to spread the hate even more.