INMATES 'Creatures of the Night' 7" (2nd pressing)

INMATES 'Creatures of the Night' 7" (2nd pressing)

Non-Commercial Records ‎– NCR-22
No Patience ‎– NP-59

2nd pressing on gray vinyl with a variation on the front cover logo and title ('Creature...'), originally pressed by both Non-Commercial Records (Cleveland, OH) and No Patience (Adelaide, AUS) to commemorate the INMATES' first time touring in Australia back in 2018.

"For over 20 years, Cleveland’s INMATES have been revered as underground cult legends, delivering some of the snottiest, ignorant and RIPPING hardcore punk of the naughties.

Notorious in their home town of Cleveland for their explosive and often violent live performances, their dysfunctional approach to rock and roll is the stuff of legend. After what feels like a decade of ‘final shows’ and near breakups, this 7" EP can best be described as an ‘ugly miracle’. A vulgar triumph of dogged determination and sheer pig headedness.

Featuring a who’s who of fuck up and ignoramuses, famous for groups such as the Japanese inspired 9 SHOCKS TERROR, H-100’s and GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS, the snotty Reagan-era puke-punk of FLYIN' TRICHECOS and BRAINWASHED YOUTH, the pioneering metallic hardcore of INTEGRITY and the sheer madness of other Cleveland legends CIDER, THE DARVOCETS, RUINERS and more…… the members of Cleveland, Ohio’s INMATES have **UNDENIABLY** left their mark on the face, body and rotting corpse of underground rock and roll." - No Patience Records