JONATHAN CANADY ‘Toll’ booklet/zine

JONATHAN CANADY ‘Toll’ booklet/zine

Self Published

From the artist:

In 2019, I started the Toll drawings as a way to address my biggest concern: the human impact on Earth. Many people who try to defend nature are regularly murdered, and that news is underreported. This is a reflection of humanity’s predicament. We are focused on our immediate problems, and our leaders are focused on money, and maintaining their power. If we don’t bother to notice the death of the people who try to preserve the environment, how are we going to do anything about the death of our planet?

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Our take:

Jonathan Canady's gripping sketch-color portraits of assassinated environmental activists is a necessary reminder of how entrenched those fighting for justice really are - they are the frontline of an on-going conflict between indigenous populations and corporate interest.

The pieces featured here engage you in a way that sometimes normal photographs or conventional portraits can't, or rather, won't. The austere presentation further brings to surface the strengthened humanity of these individuals, the marks of struggle and adversity carved into their very mortal-yet-iconic visages. Canady's fierce, attack-like strokes move beyond mere countenance: a two-dimensional likeness that captures the spirit of their undertaking, their unwavering dedication to the impoverished and indigent.

Exclusive distribution, limited to 30 copies here.


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