NOISTERIA EMISSION ‘Many Faces’ cassette

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NOISTERIA EMISSION ‘Many Faces’ cassette

Mostly Mayonnaise Musicalities ‎– MAYO-006

“I often feel as though I am being watched. I often feel as though I am being judged. I often feel as though everyone is always looking at me. But I was told many people feel this. And that the person you think is watching you is not watching you. And that they are just as concerned that you are watching them. But how can we be so sure? How can another individual prove that reality is not merely what I perceive? Is it not possible that everyone and everything around me is following my every move; scrutinizing my every choice; reveling in my failures? Who is to say, really? Maybe the many faces I see looking back at me every single day are manifestations of my moves, choices, and failures? Maybe those faces are reminders of my past, and their judging glares churn my guts and electrify my brain with anxieties and worries only to keep me on a path to bettering myself? These are the thoughts that spun through my head the first time I had the supreme pleasure of hearing this tape. And on every subsequent listen-through I find myself further away from the answers. Only because I discover so much more to learn on the way to those answers.” - Bruce Pilaf

Transparent purple cassette housed in black case. Hand numbered out of 25.