STIKKY ‘Spamthology - Volume 1’ cassette

STIKKY ‘Spamthology - Volume 1’ cassette

Bootlegnymous Records

Stikky were possibly the first band to start the genre "powerviolence, a mix of thrash and hardcore punk Stikky started in Santa Clara, CA, USA in 1985 Chris of Spazz and Lack Of Interest and numberous other hardcore, powerviolence bands is the grand-dad and master behind it all. Appreciate what you done over the years!

Members: Chris Dodge, Chris Wilder, James Porter, Todd Wilder

Notes about this release by Chris Dodge:
"This release collects the rough mix of the "Where's My Lunchpail?" album, and both 7" releases, "Cuddle" and "I & I & That Guy Over There", plus a couple oddball outtakes. The original Lunchpail album had a horrible mix, and an even worse mastering job. This version of the album was taken from a rough mix cassette that sounds better, plus it has all of our rambling between songs... when we recorded the vocals we did everything live, meaning we just let the tape roll and recorded each song consecutively. Aside from one or two stops, for the most part, it was all recorded in one long take."