LISA CARVER 'Suckdog: A Ruckus' paperback (book/zine)

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LISA CARVER 'Suckdog: A Ruckus' paperback (book/zine)

"Richly detailed historical account including interviews, personal notes, photographs, song lyrics and ephemera of Lisa Carver's notorious underground band Suckdog, 1987-2017. Fascinating stories are abounding involving GG Allin, El Duce of the Mentors and a slew of other infamous rock and roll icons. Other key players include Psycodrama, Jean-Louis Costes, Fantagraphics cartoonist Dame Darcy and Bill Callahan. A must read for those obsessed with abrasive underground music, performance art, fanzines or the 90's." ~CH

"This amazing history of Lisa’s utterly uncompromising performance troupe Suckdog documents life on the road, penises, blood, “I peed my pants a tiny bit,” Not Enough Money For Food, and more. The Get in the Van of a slightly different, more female, and even more underground world. Includes essays, diary entries, interviews, Dame Darcy, Jean Louis Costes, copious blood and nudity, and definitely not for children or the easily repulsed. Highly, highly recommended. This book is what the small press is all about. Lisa went broke publishing it. Buy a copy or two, please. 124 pages, 8″ x 10″, well illustrated in full color. (Self-published) FOR MATURE READERS" - Spit and a Half

Author: Lisa Carver
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 120pp
Size: 8 x 10
Notes: softcover, color & b/w
Date of Publication: 2017
ISBN: 978-0578187334