SWORDSMAN 'Demo' cassette

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SWORDSMAN 'Demo' cassette

Vřesová Studánka – VS008

All music by: Jan Sludged/Vondluc

-MC-3A Stereo Electronic Keyboard (maybe from 1989 Vienna, can´t find any trace of them on the internet)
-Shaman drum

Recorded on:
-Reel to reel tape machine
Phillips RK36 EL3547A /22 from 1966.
-MS57 pointing to my SONY low-cost sound boxes which were attached into my MC-3A keyboards.

Mace Head (my main heavy metal project) is great and all, but I needed something like "backround OST" for wandering throu Mace Head´s open world. And what would better suit old school stereotypical fantasy world than Dungeon Synth recorded on incredibly old sound machines.

Here is my main project Mace Head


Vondluc: Act. II
Sludged: Act I, III, IV