THENCE 'Demo' cassette

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THENCE 'Demo' cassette

Not on Label (Self Released)

"Four minutes and thirty eight seconds."

Pure aural destruction is the name of the game from this San Franciscan two-pronged unit. THENCE’s fertile debut EP is a descent into an amalgam of unbridled chaos and lurching terror spit forth like a ghastly, radioactive/ooze-ridden canker sore on the earth’s crust.

Death or black metal? No. Although it's beastial and quite menacing.

Not quite grind, not quite sludge or doom, not really noise although it’s noisy as fuck.

Industrial comes to mind when listening, but it’s not that. And while it shares aspects of noisecore as well, it isn’t comical.

It’s coming from a hole, much like the one Gira (love him or hate his shitty guts) references in their cult no-wave call-to-arms “This Is Mine”:

‘I own this
I own this hole
It's mine
Get out of my hole
It's mine
It's mine’

Except THENCE's directive isn't aimed at protecting or claiming any space, only to upset and unsettle.

You don’t know what the fuck they’re saying, but it sounds like downright bile spewing straight from the mouth of hell. The thirteen untitled tracks are blurred into transitions, barely acquiring their own identity in the melee. It’s almost a display of what’s possible within the confines of pure attrition & pugilism.

Recommended for fans of C.C.C.C, Agonal Lust , Godstomper, Sissy Spacek, –HALO–, dISEMBOWELMENT, industrial noise meeting blownout grindcore in a head-on collision, and the fringes of extreme music.