UTZALU 'The Grobian Fall' cassette (second pressing)

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UTZALU 'The Grobian Fall' cassette (second pressing)

Vrasubatlat – VT-XXVI

"Dripping in yellow treble
Lost phalanges of primitive time
And lost and in waste
It moves onward to…
…the Grobian Fall

The Grobian Fall marks the third full length offering of the Vrasubatlatian entity Utzalu. After several lineup changes, Utzalu returns with projections of miscreant deviance and naturalistic decay in the theme of 19th century French literature. In theme with prior Utzalu releases, the Grobian Fall tells the narrative of one’s descent as the fool – the one who believes to have fallen from grace yet never was accepted, to begin with. The imposter whose delusion leads only to more lewd despair and pathetic turmoil.

Washed ashore a plane of destitute – a home of the raped and drained, left to despair.

This is VT-XXVI."

Second Pressing limited to 100 units.