YELLOW EYES 'Master's Murmur' cassette

YELLOW EYES 'Master's Murmur' cassette

Sibir Records

'The return of this brilliant band, 4 years after the great "Rare Field Ceiling", with a new EP release, and a prelude for a new full-length which shall come in 2024.

This time with a rather different approach aurally, even if certainly in similar spirit, "Master's Murmur" is a work of art inspired by old Neofolk and Industrial from the 80s, with acts like Coil, Di6 and Current 93 surely reminiscing, and a somewhat more Gothic Rock style also sometimes reminding me of S. and W. Skarstad's other recent side project in Sunrise Patriot Motion. Albeit the delivery here is certainly more sinister, numinous even, setting us in bleak pastures only taken by death, with forgotten figures wandering about aimlessly. Just absolutely outstanding songwriting, with a much more minimal approach than the recent Yellow Eyes albums, but a very dense and well put vision, beautifully mixing all the elements, from the melancholic 12 string guitars, to the beautiful use of samples of bells and other medieval-ish sounds, to the neoclassical synths.

Definitely some of the best material in this style I've heard recently, surely to be appreciated by fans of Rotgut God." - Rites of Pestilence, YouTube channel