ANCIENT IRON 'The Withering Iron' cassette (companion audio)

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ANCIENT IRON 'The Withering Iron' cassette (companion audio)

Ravaging Plague Zine – RP-001

"The Withering Iron is a soundtrack to apocalyptic siege warfare. Grimwin, the tyrant behind Ancient Iron has crafted a superb piece of raw dungeon synth for Ravaging Plague's inaugural cassette collaboration. Perfect to listen to inside your crumbling fortress as demonic barbarians pull the walls down outside. Cover art by Droll Meadow, layout and design by @delayed_borborygmus

This cassette further serves as a harbinger for Ravaging Plague's second issue, at which the abhorrent creatures who edit and write this accursed publication are still slaving away. Stay tuned, we're still hoping to get it done soon. More music and writings to follow." - StoneTattooed/Ravaging Plague Zine