FIERCE DEITY 'Empty Sabbath' cassette

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FIERCE DEITY 'Empty Sabbath' cassette

Black Ring Rituals Records – BRRR143

"During the 2020 pandemic i sat down with some recording equipment and my music gear and started to record what would become this album. This all happened at my mother's house over the Thanksgiving Holiday. An already shallow holiday seemingly more unnecessary but every that was happening. by having people trying to force society back to something resembling "normalcy". A cloud of worry and sadness hovered over the house as everyone gathered for dinner. To escape everyone and everything that was happening I went upstairs to a quiet room and set up my gear. I spent the rest of the night and some of the next morning recording the groundwork that would become this album. It's difficult to express feelings about this whole ordeal, but this album is my best attempt to capture the overall emotional and mental state that persisted throughout the past year. Hopefully you find some enjoyment in this listening experience and can also help you express some of the loneliness and sadness that we have all faced during this pandemic." - Grant Carfer

Grant Carfer: Electronics, Samples, Bass Guitar, Vocals

"Kyle" Logic: Drums on "The Dust"

Mixed and Produced by: Grant Carfer

Mastered by: Steven Mashaka

Artwork and Layout by Dustin Pilkington

Fierce Deity would like to give a special thanks to:
Victoria Trevino, Joseph & Haley Anastasio, Michael Schatz, The Final Fantasy Tribute Compilation Group Chat, Matt Hex, Robert Wilson Brantley III, Joseph Caceres, Private Service, Strait Music Company, Chase Bliss Audio, Cooper FX and of course my Family and Friends.

Fierce Deity would like to give a special Fuck You to:
The GOP, The DNC, The ADP, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton and Ted Cruz