KAZUMUTO ENDO / BOAR 'Homebrew / Metal Bound Flesh' split LP

KAZUMUTO ENDO / BOAR 'Homebrew / Metal Bound Flesh' split LP

Peyote Tapes – PEYOTE TAPES 08

Kazumoto Endo and Boar join forces for a caustic slab of vinyl showing off what each artist does best. Endo has appeared on previous split releases with the likes of Incapacitants and K2, he is in fine form on this rare long-form vinyl foray. On “Homebrew,” he throws sporadic sonic darts into a whirlwind of jarring aural chaos, overwhelming listeners to find catharsis. High-frequency squalls spread like an infectious disease, ravaging the Earth and leaving behind only a cold, lifeless husk. With Endo’s work, there’s always a subterranean foundation that grinds out a path where the electronic detritus explodes, filling every crevice with impulsive, screeching eruptions.

Dubuque, Iowa’s Boar is the king of American cut-up. “Metal Bound Flesh” slices and dices abrasive tonal shards into the poisonous tonal haze, overwhelming the senses as drifting darkness permeates the skin. Stochastic rhythms emerge from the aural blast furnace, manipulating static into the sound of metal being torn apart. Boar shifts speeds on a dime, going at lightspeed, pummeling eardrums with full-force chaos before stripping electronics back to reveal hollow, tape-manipulated drones pulsing in the ether. The dichotomies at play in his work come off like a nihilistic call-and-response, beating down the edges until everything is razor-sharp. “Metal Bound Flesh” is a dynamic, sonic marvel.

Limited to 250 copies.

Kazumuto Endo:

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