POISON RUÏN 'II' cassette

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POISON RUÏN 'II' cassette

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THEE tapes of 2020 & 2021, respectively, have been rediscovered & recovered from the dungeon!

Sharpen your finest blade, dust off that old helm, and ready your sacred talisman! Only those of pure heart dare face the serpents of society, the ruffians of the road, and the hellions of the heliosphere... Poison Ruïn invoke St. George and strike the grey soul of petty naysayers & boisterous brigands!!

A true amalgam of all things underground rock - punk/hardcore, anarcho/goth, heavy metal, street rock/oi! with a hefty dose of medieval synth and “lo-fi-yet-lush” atmospheres to wrap the aural fog of war around ye...

Yet through the muck glistens the paladin’s mail, marching to the advance beat... and here is where the new age of high adventure awaits!

As always with much of NMD’s stock, very limited and very sought-after.
First come, first serve.