SLUTET ‘Summer Night Rehearsal June ‘19’ LP

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SLUTET ‘Summer Night Rehearsal June ‘19’ LP

GoatowaRex – WAXGOAT261_B

'recorded june 2019 in the alley of the beaver, uppsala, rehearsing for the love & beauty lp. this is considered an appendage to the album; bonus material, if you will.

these are completely unedited, unpolished straight-from-the-source rehearsal recordings.

cover art by svavelfyllo. big thanks for it.

released on cassette and vinyl 2021/22.'

Posthumous collection of rehearsal material recorded during the enigmatic collective's last recordings for their final 'Love & Beauty' LP. I don't think too many of these made it to American shores so these may be some of the only ones floating around. If you're a SLUTET stan already this is a necessary purchase; if you're new to the band this is an immediate "back door" portal to their raw, quasi-mystic, psychedelia-damaged, deranged-yet-methodical output. Definitely one of the most interesting black metal/extreme underground outfits of our time.