SNARLING CLEARING 'Book of Under' cassette

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SNARLING CLEARING 'Book of Under' cassette

Self released

Compilation tape of highlighted tracks followed by four new tracks, two featuring friends.

Praise for 'Book of Under':

"Snarling Clearing has a unique vision—shadowed, but not dark; more like the purple twilight, when the world’s hard edges fade to a dreamlike fog from which both wonders and terrors can emerge, depending on what you hold in your heart. I also appreciate the gemlike quality of the short tracks, something SC shares with Lord Bill’s Blood Tower project (which is featured on one track here)." - Dave Aftandilian, Bandcamp user

"One of the truly greats. The apocalyptic mythos in this album is uniquely suited. This isn't music for the end of the world, it is music for the survivours of that end who persist in the face of unknowable catastrophe. For all the doom in the names, the notes ring hopeful, revelatory and even heroic. Perhaps that is exactly the kind of Byronic optimism that makes Snarling Clearings Book of Under one of my all time favourites in pure Dungeon Synth." - GarrettStrife, Bandcamp user

"Fun and original! Very diverse album" - Fenris Lokisson, Bandcamp user