SUN VOW 'You have your whole life behind you now' cassette

SUN VOW 'You have your whole life behind you now' cassette

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8 years later after their debut album, Tulsa's very own Sun Vow returns with a brand new full length and lineup!

Somewhere in the land of shoegaze and doomgaze, Sun Vow's "You have your whole life behind you now" crafts melancholic, droney landscapes that are more than apt for the tragic, tongue-in-cheek title of their album. Sun Vow's instrumentation evokes feelings of bittersweet nostalgia, the sonic embodiment of soaring in the backseat of a car, late night with rain pouring down, gazing out the window as the outside lighting obscures in to ominous streaks and glows. The vocals are reminiscent of depressive episodes on the couch, staring at the ceiling in the dark because you happen to live in Tornado Alley and the power is out in your home once again.

However, to pigeonhole Sun Vow's "Your whole life is behind you now" as another sad-sounding shoegaze album would be a mistake. Songs such as "Operator" bring an almost plucky, late 2nd wave Indie rock vibe that refreshes listeners with its upbeat, nearly optimistic composition. The juxtaposition throughout the release of these sort-of surfy sounding licks within the scapes of doom and gloom brings about a pleasant, diverse audible experience and is a notable distinguishing factor between "Your whole life is behind you now" and their debut album, "Where Were You When The Stars Went Out?". The balancing of these distinct leads, unprocessed drums, and muted yet distinguished bass lines within the washes of sound from effects saturated guitar walls and vocal drones creates an exciting return from Sun Vow.

Limited run of 50 hand numbered cassettes with art by Bekartoe. Featuring new lineup.