ARMY 'Texas Hardcore EP + Demo 2017' cassette

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ARMY 'Texas Hardcore EP + Demo 2017' cassette

Not On Label

New ARMY compilation cassette (distributed by our friends over at Circle 23 in Austin) that includes the 3 song EP from 2019 recently released this year on tape for the first time, and also the original "Demo" from 2017.

"This is was presented to me a little while ago and I was very surprised to see! Never knew about these tracks, but I guess the band had these songs on a CD from a tour that they did with Skeleton back in 2019. If you were at one of those shows chances are you might've heard these already but if you're like me.. check this shit out man. Sounds good as hell, fast 80's style hardcore from Texas.

I’ve always loved how up front their... presentation is? I mean all their tapes are just like: here's the songs, no titles, no release name, if you know the lyrics somehow then great. Not even in like a mysterious way, they just do shit! I like it. Next show is in New York on January 20th and then their home town Austin in March, get out there and blast this thing till then" - No Deal