CATXSCAN 'Raw Pain & Duality' cassette (2xCS)

CATXSCAN 'Raw Pain & Duality' cassette (2xCS)

Cult Love Sound Tapes

Oregon's CATXSCAN has had a prolific output over the last handful of years. A member of rapper, Kemet Dank the Dank God's DAFHUWS Records, a loose collective of based artists, CATXSCAN's music has the classic based quality of experimentation and versatility throughout it and can sonically fall anywhere from new era soundcloud trap music to digicore to emo rap.

"Raw Pain" and "Duality" are two sibling albums of CATXSCAN produced by Maxx Bett that were digitally dropped on April 28 of 2022, with the album trilogy to be completed February 2nd, 2023 with the release of his newest album, "No Pain". "Raw Pain" was the originally promoted release with a surprise drop of "Duality" immediately following the release of "Raw Pain" that same day. "Duality" can be more or less considered the b-sides of "Raw Pain", CATXSCAN felt that having recorded so much music for "Raw Pain" with Maxx Bett, that it was only appropriate that there be a second album dropped featuring tracks that didn't make "Raw Pain".

Stylistically, "Raw Pain" and "Duality" both have a melancholic feel to them but retain more of a croony, based trap feel rather than an emo rap-esque type of sound. Maxx Bett's production hits but couldn't often be described as hyphy, maintaining more of an atmospheric overall sound. 808's are often accompanied with keys on "Raw Pain" and soft synths on "Duality" that compliment CATXSCAN's swooning, gentle autotune that he uses throughout the releases. Lyrically, there is a lot of recollection throughout the two of the albums, CATXSCAN recalling his origins, personal experiences, stories, and interests. Sonically and conceptually they seem to be very personal, reflective releases.

Having performed and worked with the likes of Keyboard Kid, Joeyy, Black Smurf, and more, CATXSCAN is one of underground hip hop's most slept on performers and based rap's most consistent artists. Another star and up and comer of the northwest's soundcloud-centric music scenes, regularly setting the bar with a steady stream of new and diverse music.

Cult Love is proud to present CATXSCAN's first physical media debut as the double cassette, butterfly cased release of sibling albums, "Raw Pain" and "Duality". A superb entry point for newcomers to his expansive, versatile discography.

Limited run of 50 hand numbered dual cassettes on dark blue (Raw Pain) and light blue (Duality) housed in black backed butterfly cases.

Produced by Maxx Bett

Jcard art by George Christ