DIVIDERS 'Crime of Passion' cassette

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DIVIDERS 'Crime of Passion' cassette

Primordial Void – PV-25

The second release from L.A.-based Dividers represents a foray into uncharted territory for the increasingly overwrought "Cosmic American" movement. While echoes of bittersweet honky-tonk balladry are still present, 'Crime of Passion' refuses to coddle the listener, weaving together a variety of disparate styles into one relentless continuum, a surrealistic vision of modern decay and apocalyptic love.

Dividers is Samuel Miller and Lawrence Moody

SM: Guitars, vocals, drums, keys, noise (all parts on tracks 1, 4, and 5)
LM: Guitars, vocals, keys, noise

Additional players—
Track 2: Gabe Valenzuela on drums
Track 3: Gibson Duvall on bass, Ian Kam on drums

Mastered by Andrew Peterson

Art: Cover painting by Kyle Field, lettering by Andy Esparza, layout by SM

All compositions by SM & LM except “You Win Again” by Hank Williams and the intro to “Wichita Reflection” by Bob Weir & Robert Hunter

Thank you to Marcel Sletten
dedicated to
friends, lovers and naysayers alike

White cassette, two different album cover colorways. Dubbed by Drongo Tapes.