MATTxIBARRA 'Organ of Perception' cassette

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MATTxIBARRA 'Organ of Perception' cassette

H2L – H2L001

'Organ of Perception' (H2L001) is a response to the concept of "bubbles" and the various layers of defense we put up including the personal bubble (face masks) household bubble (sanitary barriers) and the psychic bubble (experiencing growth of new organs of perception)

Both pieces were realized during the pregnancy of my wife with our soon to be daughter Mayari, which in Tagalog mythology is the Goddess of Combat, War, Revolution, Hunt, Weaponry, Beauty, Strength, Moon and Night.

My biggest influence was how I got away from polyphony and went back to a certain monophonic voice; even when it was full of different instruments and voices, they were all speaking with the same voice, rather than contrapuntally. Harmony wouldn't exist; instead, there would be a unified expansion of sound into complex timbre and sound masses.

The extrinsic and intrinsic titles depict two distinct perceptible forums that I have experienced during my psychic bubble, which in turn has birthed a life externally and internally. (Matt Ibarra)

Music Grade Blood Orange cassettes with full color covers. Each cassette was individually mastered to cassette (not duplicated). Limited to 25 copies.