NUKKE ‘Virtue Signaling’ cassette

NUKKE ‘Virtue Signaling’ cassette

Sistema Mortal Tapes – SMT 05

A bleak outlook on the ever growing oppressive condition that has been accelerated by the events of the past four years…

Nukke, metal punk madness (Anti-Cimex/Bones meets Bathory/Venom meets G.I.S.M/Zouo) from Portugal, brings you the follow up to their 2019 LP on Dtakt and Raw Punk (also released on tape in the States by our homies Open Palm).

"Virtue Signalling" packs in 7 wild punches of hardcore punk that display the band's singularly aggressive style. They combine blazing tempos and thrash guitar lines with a oblique and haunting production, creating a sound that is truly unique in modern punk.

Mixed and mastered during the pandemic by @noise_portrait_recordings

Artwork and layout by kitsunekoo