TEHUELCHE ‘Direct Action’ cassette

TEHUELCHE ‘Direct Action’ cassette

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"Hello Travelers,

Welcome back to another dose of absurdities and immoralities, it's 2023 in America!
Wall Street and war profiteers aim to accelerate international conflicts against Russia, China and Iran. By funding military auxiliaries across the global by the billions. Continuing proxy wars that can lead to nuclear devastation. The Ukraine has received more than $90 billion, Taiwan received $80 million in military equipment, and Israel has received around $130 billion over the last 75 years.
According to HUD, the U.S. government has spent enough public tax dollars to house all the homeless 3 times over. While 100's of thousands of people face eviction across the nation, the government tends to the needs of the military, not its own people.
Poverty is on the rise and our homeless crisis is exacerbated because of inflation. Companies like Vanguard and Blackrock are buying up residential housing to lead us down a path of perpetual leasing and continuous rent hikes.
Have you had enough? Are you going to fight back? Your silence is complacency! People across the globe are fighting neo-liberal doctrines, but in the U.S. we remain ASLEEP.
War is a racket and you can’t be neutral on a moving train…
Rise up for humanity, Up the humans, down the drones!

Your friends at Tehuelche Propaganda Syndicate"