TUPA ‘Kutre Punk’ cassette (demo)

TUPA ‘Kutre Punk’ cassette (demo)

Dirtbag Distro - DDT-37
Open Palm Tapes - OPT#24
No Mames Distro - NMD-003

Ferocious hardcore punk from the streets of Bogotá, Columbia, TUPA’s first demonstration is a jolt to the senses. Pulverizing, primitive rhythms accompany ear-shredding distortion & over-the-top, inhuman shrieks pierce the recordings with lyrics about the dismal status of the state and biting commentary on the fake activism of liberal society.

This is a collaborative release between Kansas City’s Dirtbag Distro @dirtbag.distro, Chicago’s Open Palm Tapes @openpalmtapes, and ourselves - each distro/label has made their own unique version that comes with something different, special to the particular pressing.

Our version is “Homer Yellow”: it comes with a yellow tape shell, an edited j-card layout (particular to our release) and a specially-made button (by one @dr.sucia ) using the fantastic art of @engendro__ & @chulo_sen .

Many thanks all aforementioned individuals (including @g_u_c_c_i__p_u_c_c_i & @jame.is.lame ) for their help, advice, and support, whether direct or indirect.

Special thanks goes to @xdetesta.tionx & @distro.cefalia for being the main reasons this was even made possible!

Special shoutouts to the Hton homie @ariana_poquito for pushing us to work with our Columbian gente and to @pogo_till_you_puke77 (now officially Pogo Till You Drop*) for doing a bang-up job on the UK/EU version - if you’re in that part of the world hit them up!! I think there was like two copies left on their Bandcamp when I last saw…